I started my career in tech developing games for fun at the 14's with Ruby, where I learned logic and coding in general.

Then I did Web Development with Javascript, HTML/CSS, PHP, Wordpress.

After 2020, I started to learn UX/UI Design. and now I'm working with Webflow Design and Development bringing code and design skills to the project



I’m Avishka, but all of my friends, family and clients call me Avi.

My career in Photography began when I was a teenager in high school. I was the one to shoot all the birthday parties, talent shows and other school events. Before I knew it, what began as a hobby eventually turned into my passion project for life. I was instantly drawn to the magic of freezing moments in time. Regardless of whether my subjects are in love, having a good time or expressing their passions and connections, there’s just something about making time stand still.

Over time, I was able to refine my creative thought process of capturing special moments for clients, so that they can cherish these moments forever. One thing that is essential for my craft is to be present in the moment and enjoy the process. I pride myself on providing my clients with a stress free and comfortable experience, whether it is an intimate family shoot or a wedding.

On the subject of weddings, this is where my true passion lies. It truly is an honour to tell the story of the most important day in a couple’s life through my lens, a story that will be passed down through multiple generations. To me, wedding photography is a personal and historical piece of art that ties people together like no other medium.

I look forward to documenting your most special day by freezing those beautiful and unscripted moments, together. Reach out to me and let us begin the planning process. My commitment to all of my clients is to be there for them, every step of the way.


Avishka Senaratne Photography


Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Jan 2021–today

Tribe Photographers


Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Jan 2020–today

Bhargav Boppa Photography


Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Dec 2021- today

Cloud Attic

Full Time

Colombo, Sri Lanka

Feb 2016–2019


Wedding Photography

Family Portraits




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